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Food for Fuel

A Workshop to Flexible Eating

Service Description

If you dread the idea of “dieting” and associate it with swapping out your favorite foods and wine nights with your friends for dry tupperware chicken and broccoli or boring salads and no salt -- I understand, I’ve been there. The word “NUTRITION” is not equivalent to fruits, vegetables, and protein. INTRODUCING: FOOD FOR FUEL - A Workshop to Flexible Eating This is for YOU if: You Feel like you don't “eat bad” but you’re still struggling to make progress You feel like you “know what to do” yet you’re constantly second guessing yourself on your choices You want to LOSE FAT, BUILD MUSCLE while eating foods like pizza, bagels, ice cream, and more!!! You finds yourself overindulging, feeling guilty, then trying to start over again Monday You try to eat intuitively but you’re not seeing results or struggling with overeating Wants to learn more about your body and what your individual body needs! What will you get out of this? ✅ Learn EXACTLY what's keeping you stuck in your cycles of over eating and restricting ✅ The SCIENCE behind losing fat while eating foods you LOVE ✅ The BLUEPRINT to being able to build your goal physique and maintain it *EATING INTUITIVELY* long term! ✅ How to set up your initial nutrition goals ✅ WTF Is a macro?! ✅ Flexible nutrition DO'S AND DON'TS and more!!! Savannah Mensinger CEO Rooted Coaching B.S. Biological Sciences, ACE Health Coach / CPT, AFPA Pre - and Postnatal Certified, PN1 Nutritionist, IIN Hormone Specialist, Sam Millers Metabolism Science Certified, Mastering Blood Chemistry, Instant HTMA Practitioner, Gut Health Specialist

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  • Jebens PLC, Wilkes Avenue, Davenport, IA, USA

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