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2023 Last Gorilla Standing- KoKo

KoKo platform will start at 135lbs & increase by 10 lb increments

Service Description

Last Gorilla Standing will consist of 2 platforms with 30 lifters per platform. There will be no weight classes, but we will have lifters weigh in for coefficient only. For those unfamiliar with coefficient scoring, it is a calculation that determines a score based on the amount lifted in correlation to the lifter's body weight. The KoKo platform will start at 135lbs & increase by 10 lb increments. The King Kong platform will start at 225lbs & increase by 20 lb increments. Barbell will be loaded progressively as listed above and each lifter must take a turn at each loaded weight, until failure. Each lifter will be given up to 1 min to complete the pull. Lifter has as many attempts as needed to complete the lift within that minute. Lifters may pull in conventional or sumo stances. Each lifter also has one Mulligan, or do-over pull, that they may redeem on a missed lift. Lifter will go to the back of the line for a second attempt at the weight. If the Mulligan attempt is completed, the lifter may advance to the next round, remaining at the end of the line. Once the lifter has failed a pull, lifter is out of the running for 'Last Gorilla Standing", however, may still be in the running for a 1st-3rd place award based on coefficient per platform. What is a good lift? To get a "good lift" the lifter, with the weight in hand, must stand erect with the shoulders back, hips and knees locked. There will be no penalty in this competition for hitching, ramping, or downward movement of the bar once lift has been initiated. When the lift has been completed the Head Judge will give a "Down" command with a downward movement of the arm. Lifters must return the bar to the floor while maintaining control with both hands. Absolutely no dropping the bar from the top of the lift or slamming into the ground. Attire: - No Singlets Required- regular gym wear is fine - Can lift in Shoes or Socks, but no bare feet. - Shins covered for Safety Please- Pants or Socks - No supportive suits, singlets, or briefs - No Straps, No Lifting Gloves - Belts and Wrist Wraps OK - Chalk, Baby Powder, Ammonia, Smelling Salts OK We will be using Texas Deadlift Bars. Rest periods will be added as the number of remaining lifters decreases. An intermission contest will also be held at a predetermined point in the weight progression. Details to be released for that event at a later date. Lifters under the age of 18, please email prior to registration.

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Contact Details

  • Jebens PLC, Wilkes Avenue, Davenport, IA, USA

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